4D Application Development

Database Design

Entity Digital excels in developing systems using the 4D (formally 4th Dimension) product lines. As database consultants, we have experience in designing 4D databases for clients in the New York area for over 18 years. We can provide a 4D programmer at the senior level with expertise.

Our database applications can be built to serve a small office or scaled up to serve hundreds of clients both locally and remotely. Along the way we work to ensure that each system will be easy-to-use and maintain.

Still have your staff keeping some of your data in a spreadsheet program? We can provide your first database built with with the 4D line of products.

Data Management

We can provide the solutions to manage your data including offsite storage, backup, mirroring, and systems analysis and design.

Systems Integration

Whether traditional or mobile Entity Digital also provide solutions in getting your systems talking to each other. Have your customer feedback directly fed from your website to your staff and back to the customer automatically.

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